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जैसे कि आप सब जानते हैं कि Corona के बाद से ही स्कूल और कॉलेज बंद हैँ। जिसकी बजह से बच्चे स्कूल नहीं जा पाए और जिस बजह से उनको पड़ने में बहुत मुश्किलों का सामना करना पड़ रहा है । उससे भी मुश्किल काम है बिना किसी टीचर की मदद से Notes बनाना।

तो आपकी इस मुश्किल को आसान बनाने के लिया ही हम लोग आपकी लिया लेके आए हैं Free Handwritten Notes ताकि जो भी बच्चे Corona की बजह से अपनी पढ़ाई नहीं कर पा रहे हैं वो हमारे Notes से पड़ सकें।

हमारे Notes में लिखी गयी Language बहुत ही आसान है। जिसको कोई भी बच्चा आराम से समझ सकता है।

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Notes को बच्चे अच्छे से समझ सके इस बात को ध्यान में रखते हुए 12th Physics Handwritten Notes में साफ सुथरी Diagrams भी बनायी गयी हैं।

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Class 12th Physics Syllabus 2021-2022


Chapter 1 : Electric Charges And Fields

Electric Charges:-
Conservation of Charges.
Coulomb’s Law.
Forces between multiple Charges.
Superposition Principle.
Continuous Charge Distribution.
Electric Field :-
Electric field due to a point Charges.
Electric Feild Lines.
Electric Dipole.
Electric Field Due to A Dipole.
Torque on a Dipole in uniform Electric Field.

Chapter 2:- Electrostatic Potential And Capacitances.

Electric Potential.
Potential differences.
Electric Potential due to a point Charges
Dipole and system of Charges.

Equipotential surface.
Electrical Potential energy of a system of two point Charges and of Electric Dipole in an Electrostatic field.
Conduct and insulator, Free Charges and bound charges inside a Conductor.

Dielectric and Electric polarization, Capacitor and capacitance.
Combination of Capacitor in series and parallel.
Capacitance of a parallel plate Capacitor with and without Dielectric slab.
Energy stored in a Capacitor.

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Current Electricity

Chapter 3 : Current Electricity

Electric Current.
Flow of Electric Charges in metallic Conductor.
Drift velocity and it’s relation with current.

Ohm’s Law
Electric Resistance.
Electric Energy and Power.
Electric Resistivity and Conductivity.

Carbon Resistor, Colour Code for resistors.
Series and parallel combination of resistors.
Temperature dependence of resistance.

Internal Resistance Of a cell.
Potential differences and E.M.F of a cell.
Combination of cell in series and parallel.

Kirchhoff’s Law and its simple Application.

Weatstone Bridge, Metre Bridge.

Principle and it’s Application to measure Potential differences and for comparing EMF of two cells.
Measurements of internal Resistance Of a cell.

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Magnetic Effects Of Current and Magnetism

Chapter 4: Moving Charges And Magnetism
Concepts of magnetic field
Operated’s Experiment
Biot- Savart Law and its applications.
Ampere’s Law and its applications to infinitely long straight wire
Straight and toroidal solenoids.
Force on a moving Charge in uniform magnetic and electric field.
Force on a current Carrying Conductor in a uniform magnetic field.
Force between two parallel current Carrying Conductor
Definition Of Ampere.
Torque experienced by a current loop In uniform magnetic field.
Moving coil galvanometer- its current sensitivity and conversion to ammeter and voltmeter.

Chapter 5: Magnetism and matter.
Current loop as a magnetic Dipole and it’s magnetic Dipole moment.
Magnetic Dipole moment of a revolving electron.
Magnetic Field intensity due to a magnetic Dipole along its axis and perpendicular to its axis.
Torque on a magnetic Dipole in a uniform magnetic field.
Bar magnetic as an equivalent solenoids.
Magnetic Field lines.
Earth’s Magnetic Field
Magnetic Elements.
Para, Dia and Ferro- magnetic substances with examples

Electromagnetic Induction And Alternating Current

Chapter 6: Electromagnetic Induction.
Electromagnetic Induction
Faraday’s laws.
Induced EMF and Current
Lenz’s Law.
Eddy Current.
Self and Mutual Induction.

Chapter 7: Alternating Current.
Alternating Current:-
Peak and Rms value of Alternating Current/voltage.
Reactance and impedence
LC oscillation
LCR series circuit.
Power in Ac circuit.
Wattless Current.
Ac generator and transformer

Electromagnetic Waves

Chapter 8: Electromagnetic Waves
Basic idea of Displacement Current, Electromagnetic waves, their characteristics, their transverse nature.
Electromagnetic spectrum, including elementary facts about their uses.

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Chapter 9: Ray Optics and Optical Instruments
Ray Optics:-
Reflection of light.
Spherical Mirrors.
Mirror formula.
Reflection of Light.
Total internal Reflection And Its Applications.
Optical Fibres.
Refraction at Spherical Surfaces
Thin lense formula
Lens Maker formula.
Magnification power of a Lens, Combination of thin lenses in contact, Combination of lenses and mirror.
Refraction and dispersion of light through a prism.
Scattering of light- blue colour of sky and reddish appearance of the sun at sunrise and sunset.
Optical instrument. Microscope and astronomical telescope and their magnifying power.

Chapter 10 : Wave Optics

Wave Optics.
Wave Front and Hygen’s Principle, Reflection and Refraction of plane Wave at a plane surface using Wave fronts.
Proof of law Of Reflection and Refraction using Huygen’s Principle.
IInterference Young’s double slit experiment and expression for fringe width, coherent sources and sustained Interference of light.
Diffraction due to a single slit, width of central maximum.
Polarisation , Plane Polarised light, Brewster Law, uses of plane polarized light and Polaroids.

Dual Nature of Matter And Radiation

Chapter 11 :Dual Nature of radiation
Photoelectric effect.
Hertz and Lenard’s Observations
Einstein’s Photoelectric Equation particle nature of light.
Matter Waves, Wave nature of particle.
Davisson-Germer experiment

Atoms And Nuclei

Chapter 12 : Atoms
Alpha particle scattering experime
Rutherford’s models of an atom.
Bohr’s model of an atom.
Energy level.
Hydrogen spectrum.

Chapter 13 : Nuclei
Composition and size of
Atomic masses
Radioactivity alpha, beta and gamma particles/rays and their properties.
Radioactivity decay law.
Binding energy per Nucleon and it’s variation with mass number.
Nuclear fission
Nuclear fussion

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Solid and Semiconductor Devices

Chapter 14 : Semi Conductor And Devices
Energy Bands in Conductors, Semiconductor and insulators
Semiconductor diode I-V Characteristics in forward and reverse bias, diode as a rectifier.
Special purpose p-n junction diode: LED photodiode, solar cell and Zener diode and their Characteristics, zener diode as voltage regulator.

Communication System

Chapter 15: Communications System
Introduction of communication System, Elements of a communication system, Basic Terminology used in electronic communication systems, Bandwidth of signals,Bandwidth of transmission medium,Propagation of electromagnetic waves, sky wave, space wave, modulation and it’s necessity, Amplitude modulation, Detection of Amplitude modulated waves.

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