life Processes Class 10 MCQ’S 2023

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life Processes Class 10 MCQ’S

Q1.         The raw materials for photosynthesis are

            (A) CO2 & O21                                      (B) sunlight and CO2 

            (C) water and chlorophyll                    (D) CO2 and water.

ANS :  D

Q2.         Most of the photosynthesis (80%) which takes place on this earth is carried out by

            (A) green plants on land                                  (B) algae present in fresh water

            (C) algae found in ocean                     (D) algae present in ocean and fresh water sources.

ANS :   D

Q3.         Which of the following ahs no digestive enzyme ?

            (A) Saliva                    (B) Bile                        (C) Gastric juice          (D) Intestinal juice

ANS :    B

Q4.         Plants are green in colour because

            (A) they absorb green light only                                              (B) they reflect green light

            (C) they absorb green light but reflect all other lights  (D) none of the above are correct.

ANS :   B

Q5.         Full  name of N ADP is

            (A) Nicotinamide dinucleotide phosphate          (B) Nicotine adenine dinuceotide phosphate

            (C) Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate      (D) None of the above

ANS :   C

Q6.         Wavelength of visible light is

            (A) 200 – 400 nm       (B) 400 – 700 nm      (C) 700 – 900 nm                     (D) 100 – 200 nm

ANS :   B

Q7.         The presence of sugar in onion leaves can be tested with

            (A) iodine                                                                    (B) copper sulphate solution

            (C) lime water                                                              (D) benedict’s solution

ANS :  D

Q8.         Chemical reaction takes place during dark reaction of photosynthesis is

            (A) photolysis                                                              (B) hydrolysis

            (C) carbon dioxide is bonded with RUBP                   (D) nitrogen fixation

ANS :  C

Q9.         Dark reaction and light reaction of photosynthesis takes place in

            (A) stroma and grana of chloroplast respectively         (B) grana and stroma of chloroplast respectively

            (C) grana only                                                             (D) stroma only

ANS :   A

Q10.       CO2 acceptor during dark reaction of photosynthesis is

            (A) RUBP                   (B) PEP           (C) NADPH                            (D) ATP

ANS :   A

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