PHYSICS WALLAH Arise for NEET | Full Course Study Material for Class 12

Physics Wallah, a pioneering online educational platform, has emerged as a game-changer in the realm of NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) preparation. Founded by the renowned educator Alakh Pandey,


Physics Wallah has revolutionized the way students approach physics, making it accessible, engaging, and comprehensive. In this blog post, we will explore the unique attributes of Physics Wallah and how it has empowered NEET aspirants to excel in their physics knowledge, ultimately enhancing their chances of success in the competitive medical entrance exam.

Detail About PHYSICS WALLAH Arise for NEET

It includes 9 books (PCB) with enriched content and well explained solutions. ARISE are the impeccable book that consists of concise theory with according to the latest NTA syllabus. Several readily understandable diagrams, tables and Questions have been included in the book to help students for developing a problem-solving methodology. Train your brain and Key note boxes given in the book to provide the additional information.

Every chapter has Past Year NEET analysis trend along with the Investigation report including critical concepts from where a rich amount of questions has been asked and Perfect practice plan to develop the approach to ace the exam. ASPIRE comprising a very large number of illustrative diagrams, flow charts and highlighted content with Topicwise. Questions, Learning Plus, Multiconcept MCQs and NEET Past 10 Years Questions with text and audio solutions. ASPIRE adopts a multi-faceted approach to master and understand the concepts by having a rich diversity of questions asked in the examination and equip the students with the knowledge for the NEET exam.

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