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Class 10th SST Handwritten Notes,10th Class Social science Handwritten Notes, Best Notes For 10th Class SST, Term 2 Handwritten Notes For Class 10th SST, 10th SST Syllabus For Term 1, 10th SST Syllabus For Term 2

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Class 10th SST Handwritten Notes pdfs

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Class 10th SST Handwritten Notes में आने वाला Syllabus

👉 जैसे कि आप सब को पता है को अपनी Studies को शुरू करने से पहले आपके पास Syllabus कि एक Copy जरूर होनी चाहिए। इसीलिए सबसे पहले में आपको Syllabus के बारे में ही बताने जा रहे हूँ।

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👉 तो आओ सब एक बार Detail में Term – 1 और Term- 2 Syllabus देख लेते हैं।


CLASS 10TH SST Term- 1 Syllabus

Unit -1 : India And The Contemporary World – II (History)

Rise Of Nationalism In Europe
French Revolution And The Idea Of The Nation
The Making Of Nationalism In Europe
The Age Of Revolution: 1830 – 1848
The Making Of Germany And Italy
Visualizing The Nation
Nationalism And Imperialism

Unit -2 : Contemporary India – II ( Geography)

Resources And Development
Types Of Resources
Development Of Resources
Resources Planing In India
Land Resources
Land Utilization
Land Use Pattern In India
Land Degradation and Conservation Measures
Soil As Resources
Classification Of Soils
Soil Errosion And Conservation
Types of Farming
Cropping Pattern
Major Crops
Technological and Institutional Reform
Impact Of Globalization on Agriculture

Unit-3 Democratic Politics -II ( Political Science)

Power Sharing
Case Study Of Balgium And Srilanka
Why Is Power Sharing Desirable?
Forms Of Power Sharing
What is Federalism?
What Make India A Federal Country?
How is Federalism Practiced?
Decentralization in India.

Unit-4: Understanding Economic Development ( Economics)

What Development Promises- Different People Different Goals
Income And Other Goals
National Development
How to Compare Different Countries Or States?
Income And Other Criteria
Public Facilities
Sustainability Of Development
Sectors Of The Indian Economy
Sectors Of Economic Activities
Comparing The Three sectors
Primary Secondary And Teritiory Sector In India
Sector In Terms Of Ownership: Public And Private Sector

Class 10th SST Handwritten Notes Pdfs For Term-1

तो आइये दोस्तों आपको class 10th SST Handwritten Notes की PDFS Provide करते हैं।

S.NoChapter Name Download Here
1Rise Of Nationalism in Europe Download Now
2Resources And Development Download Now
3Agriculture Download Now
4Power Sharing Download Now
5Federalism Download Now
6Development Download Now
7Sector Of Economics Download Now
Term-1 Pdfs

Class 10th SST Handwritten Notes Term-II Syllabus

Unit-I : India And The Contemporary World -II ( History)

Nationalism In India
The First World War, Khilafat And Non Cooperation Moment
Differing Strands Within The Movement
Toward Civil Disobedience Movement
The Sence Of Collective Belongings
Syllabus: Nationalism In Europe
Indian Nation Congress sessions
Calcutta (Sep. 1920)
Nagpur ( Dec. 1920)
Madras ( 1927)
Indian National Congress Session
Important Center Of Indian National Movement
Champaran ( Bihar) : Moment Of Indigo Planters
Kheda (Gujrat) : Peasant Satyagraha
Ahmedabad (Gujrat) : Cotton Mill Workers Satyagrah
Amritsar ( Punjab) : Jalianwala Bagh
Chauri Chaura ( U.P) : Calling Of Non Cooperation Movement
Dandi Yatra ( Gujrat) Civil Disobedience Movement
The Making Of Global World
The Pre Modern World
The Nineteenth Century
The Enter War Economy
Rebuilding A World Economy
Post War Era
The Age of Industrialization
Before The Industrial Revolution
Hand Labour’s And Steam Power
Industrialization in colony
Factories come up
The peculiarities of Industrial Growth
Markets for goods

Unit 2 : Contemporary India – II

Mineral and Energy Resources
What is mineral?
Mode Of occurrence Of Mineral
Ferrous and Non Ferrous Minerals.
Non- Metallic Minerals
Rock Minerals.
Conservation of Minerals.
Energy resources.
Convention and Non Conventional Sources Of Energy.
Conservation of Energy Resources.
Manufacturing Industries
Importance of manufacturing.
Contribution of industry to national Economy.
Industrial Location.
Classification Of Industries.
Spatial distribution
Industrial pollution and environmental degradation.
Control of environmental Degradation
Life Lines Of National Economy
Transport – roadways, railways, Pipelines, Waterways, Airways,
International Trade
Tourism as a Trade.

Unit 3:Democratic Politics -II

Why do we need Political Parties?
How many parties Should we have?
National Political Parties.
State Parties.
Challenges To Political Parties.
How can Parties be reformed?
Outcomes of Democracy
How do we assess Democracy’s Outcomes
Accountable responsive and legitimate government.
Economic growth and development.
Reduction of inequality and poverty.
Accommodation Of social diversity.
Dignity and freedom of the citizen.

Unit 4 : Economics

Money And Credit
Money as a medium of exchange.
Modern form of money
Loan activity of banks.
Two different credit situations.
Terms of credit
Formal sector credit in india.
Self Help Group for Poor.
Globalization and the Indian Economy
Production across countries.
Interlinking Production across countries
Foreign Trade and integration of markets
What is Globalization
Factor that have embedded Globalization
World Trade organization.
Impact of Globalization in india.
The Struggle for a fair Globalization

Class 10th SST Term-2 Handwritten Notes Pdfs

S.NoChapter Name Download Here
1Nationalism in IndianClick Here To Download
2The Making Of Global WorldClick Here To Download
3The Age of Industrialization Click Here To Download
4Manufacturing Industries Click Here To Download
Lifelines of National Economy
Click Here To Download
6Political Parties
Click Here To Download
7Outcomes of DemocracyClick Here To Download
8Money And Credit
Click Here To Download
9Globalization and the Indian EconomyClick Here To Download

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