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हेलो दोस्तों एक बार फिर आप का स्वागत है , मेरी इस website पे। आज में आप लोगो के लिए 12th Biology Handwritten Notes लेके आया हूँ| अगर आपने हमारे पहली पोस्ट जिसमे मैंने आपको 12th Chemistry Handwritten Notes दिया थे वह नहीं पड़ा हैं तो आप Recent पोस्ट से उस पोस्ट को भी पड़ सकते हो |

बड़ी मेहनत और अलग अलग टीचर्स की मदद से आप के लिया यह नोट्स लेके आया हूँ| आप लोगो की जानकारी के लिए बता दूं की यह नोट्स Toppers ने बनाये हैं । और आपको यह जानकर बहुत ख़ुशी होगी की आपको इन नोट्स की pdfs भी Free में मिलेगी |

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12th Biology Handwritten Notes की Pdfs बिलकुल साफ़ सुथरी हैं | यह Pdfs आपको बिलकुल फ्री में दी जाएगी। में आप को भरोसा दिलाता हूँ की यह नोट्स आपके आने वाले exams में बहुत फाईदेमंद होंगे। यह नोट्स आपको PCMBNOTES4U की और से दिए जा रहे हैं।

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Syllabus Covered In 12th Biology Handwritten Notes

नीचे आपको 12th Biology Handwritten Notes का Syllabus दिया गया है।आप Syllabus को ध्यान से पड़े और उसके बाद आपको Pdfs बिलकुल फ्री मिलेगी। You Can  Check  Examsnap

Reproduction in Organisms

Mode Of Reproduction. Asexual Reproduction ( Binary fission, sporulation, budding, gemmule formation, fragmentation, And Sexual Reproduction
Vegetative propagation in plants.
Events in sexual reproduction

Sexual Reproduction In Flowering Plants

Flower structure : Development of male and female gametophytes
Pollination and its types. agencies and examples
Outbreeding Devices
Pollen -Pistil Interaction
double fertilization
Post Fertilization Events : Development of endosperm and embryo
Development of seed and formation of fruits
Special Modes – apomixis
Significance of seed and fruit formation

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Human Reproduction

Male and Female reproductive systems
Microscopic anatomy of testis and ovary : Gametogenesis – Spermatogenesis and oogenesis
Menstural cycle
Fertilizations embryo development up to blastocyst formation.
Pregnancy and placenta formation.

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Reproductive health

Need of Reproductive health and prevention and sexually transmitted diseases.
Birth Control: need and methods
Contraception and medical termination of pregnancy.
Amniocentesis: Infertility and assisted reproductive technologies – IVF, ZIFT, ZIFT, AL.

Principles of Inheritance and variation

Heredity and variation
Mendelian inheritance derivation from Mendelism – incomplete dominance ,
Multiple alleles and inheritance of blood groups
pleiotropy : elementary idea of polygenic inheritance
Chromosomes theory of inheritance
Chromosomes and genes linkage and crossing over
Sex determination in humans, birds, grasshopper and honey bee.
Pedigree analysis
sex linked inheritance, haemophilia
Colour Blindness
mendelian disorders in humans
sickle cell anemia
Chromosomal disorder in humans
Down’s syndrome
Turner and Klinefelter’s syndromes.

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Molecular Basis of Inheritance

Structure of DNA and RNA : DNA packaging.
Search for genetic material
DNA replication
Central Dogma
Genetic Code
Translation : gene expression and regulation- lac operon
Human genome project : DNA fingerprinting


Origin Of Life : Biological and evidences for biological evolution
Lamrack’s theory of use and disuse of organs.
Darwin’s theory of evolution
Mechanism of evolution- variation and natural selection with examples
Types of natural selrection
Gene flow and genetic drift
Hardy- Weinberg’s principle : brief account of evolution ; human evolution

Human Health and Disease

Pathogens : parasites causing human diseases and their controls
Basic concepts of Immunology- vaccines
Adolescence – drug and drug abuse

Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production

Animals Husbandry
Plant Breeding
Tissue Culture
Single Cell Protein

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Microbes In Human Welfare

Microbes in food processing
Industrial production
Antibiotics : production and judicious use
sewage treatment
Energy generation and microbes as bio- control agents and mbio- fertilizers

Biotechnology and its Application

Genetic engineering (Recombinant DNA technology)

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Biotechnology and its Application

Application of biotechnology in health and agriculture
Genetically modified organisms-Bt crops
RNA interference
Human insulin
Gene therapy
Molecular diagnosis
Transgenic animals
Biosafety issues
Biopiracy and patents

Organisms And Populations

Organisms and environment
Habitat and Niche
Population and ecology adaptations
Population interactions- mutualism
Population attributes growth
Birth rate and Death Rates
Age Distribution


Ecosystem : structure and function
Productivity and decomposition
Energy flow
Pyramids of number
Energy : nutrient cycle
Ecological succession
Ecological Services
Carbon Fixation
Seed Dispersal Oxygen release

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Biodiversity and its Conservation

Concept of biodiversity
Pattern of biodiversity
Importance of biodiversity
Loss Of Biodiversity
Biodiversity Conservation
Endangered organisms
Red Data Book
Biosphere Reserve
National Parks
Sanctuaries and Ramsar sites

Environmental Issues

Air pollution and its control
Water Pollution and its control
Agrochemicals and their effects.
Solid waste management
Radioactive waste management
Green House Effect and climate change impact and mitigation
Ozone Layer depletion
Deforestation case study exemplifying success story addressing environmental issue

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Download Pdfs Of 12th Biology Handwritten Notes

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S.No Name of Chapter Click To Download
1 Reproduction in Organisms Click here
2 Sexual reproduction In Flowering Plants Click here
3 Human reproduction Click here
4 Reproductive Health Click here
5 Principle of Inheritance and Variations Click Here
6 Molecular Basic Of Inheritance Click Here
7 Evolution Click Here
8 Human health and Diseases Click here
9 Strategies for enhancement of food reproductions Click Here
10 Microbes in Human welfare Click Here
11 Biotechnology Principles and processes Click Here
12 Biotechnology and its Application Click Here
13 Organism and Population Click Here
14 Ecosystem Solutions Click Here
5 Biodiversity and conservation Click Here
16 Environmental Issues Click Here


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Q2. यह नोट्स किस REFFERENCE BOOK से बनाय गए हैं?

Ans Class 12th Bio Handwritten नोट्स NCERT Based हैं।

Q3 क्या NEET और JEE के बच्चे भी इन नोट्स से पड़ सकते हैं?

Ans हाँ, Neet और JEE के बच्चे भी इनको Theory के लिए काम में ला सकते हैं।

Important Instructions

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