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Hello friends welcome to our website where you get best handwritten notes by ndjtuition from 8th. to 12th Class. is one of the Best Educational Platform.Also Our Website is Providing Every Important Material For Board Exams. Our Author Organized Every Material On This Page . You Can Check Our Valuable Material Below :

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हैलो दोस्तों एक बार फिर से स्वागत कर्ता हूँ आपका हमारे Website पे जहां आज मे आपके लिए लेकर आया हूँ Ndjtuition के Best Handwritten नोट्स. आज हम आपको बताएंगे की आप कैसे Ndjtuition notes की Hard Copy खरीद सकते हैं और साथ ही साथ कैसे आप Yearly Basis पे हमारे Handwritten नोट्स कि Subscription ले सकते हैं।

साथ ही साथ आपको हमारे Handwritten नोट्स के samples भी देखने को मिलेगे। नीचे दिए गए Post मे आपको नोट्स के samples मिल जायेगे।

Samples Of Ndjtuition Handwritten Notes

S.NoSubject And ClassGet Sample
18th Science Handwritten Notes Get Sample
29th Science handwritten Notes Get Sample
310th Science Handwritten Notes

10th Maths Handwritten Notes

10th SST Handwritten Notes
Get Sample

Get Sample

Get Sample
411th Physics Handwritten notes Get Sample
511th Chemistry Handwritten Notes Get Sample
611th Maths Handwritten Notes Get Sample
711th Biology Handwritten Notes Get Sample
811th Physical Education Handwritten Notes Get Sample
912th Physics Handwritten notes Get Sample
1012th Chemistry Handwritten Notes Get Sample
1112th Maths Handwritten Notes Get Sample
1212th Biology Handwritten Notes Get Sample

How To Subscribe For Ndjtuition Notes On Yearly Basis

IMPORTANT NOTICE : If you have seen all the samples of our above handwritten notes and wants to purchase our handwritten notes. But due to money issue you dont have money for purchasing our handwritten notes. Then you can also take subscription of our premium notes on yearly basis.All these Pdfs will be readable only and you can acess in app only. One thing I want to clear to you that the price of subsciption notes for full subject is only Rupees 50 to 200 Rupees only. Below Is the list of notes which we are providing on yearly basis subscription
S.No Subject Price Get Subscription Here
18th ScienceRs. 149Get Subscription Here
29th ScienceRs. 149Get Subscription Here
310th ScienceRs. 149Get Subscription Here
410th Maths Rs. 100Get Subscription Here
511th PhysicsRs. 200Get Subscription Here
611th ChemistryRs. 200Get Subscription Here
711th Maths Rs. 150Get Subscription Here
811th biology Rs.200Get Subscription Here
911th Physical EducationRs.150Get Subscription Here
1012th PhysicsRs.200Get Subscription Here
1112th Chemistry Rs.200Get Subscription Here
1212th Maths Rs. 200Get Subscription Here
1312th Biology Rs.200Get Subscription Here
1412th Physical EducationRs.150Get Subscription Here

How To Get Ndjtuition Handwritten Notes Hard Copy?

You Can Also Purchase Hard Copy From Our Online Store. It can Be prepaid order or Cod Order. For COD order You Have to Pay some Extra Charges and these charges you have to pay at the time of delivery . Given Below is the list of link from which you can purchase our best Handwritten notes hard copies.

If you gave any query about our Handwritten Notes you can directly talk or whtsap us on 7780819690

Below Is The Table From which You Can Order Hard Copies Of Ndjtuition Handwritten Notes

S.NoClass And Subject (Notes by ndjtuition)Order Here
112th Physics Handwritten Notes Order Here
212th Chemistry Handwritten Notes Order Here
312th Biology Handwritten Notes Order Here
412th Maths Handwritten Notes Order Here
512th Physical Education Handwritten Handwritten Order Here
612th Physics + Chemistry Combo Order Here
712th Physics + Chemistry + Biology Combo Order Here
812th Physics + Chemistry + Maths + Biology Order Here
1011th Physics Handwritten NotesOrder Here
1111th Chemistry handwritten Notes Order Here
1211th Biology Handwritten Notes Order Here
1311th Maths Handwritten Notes Order Here
1411th Physical Education Handwritten NotesOrder Here
1511th Physics + Chemistry Handwritten NotesOrder Here
1611th Physics + Chemistry + Biology Handwritten NotesOrder Here
1711th Physics + Chemistry + Biology + Maths Handwritten NotesOrder Here
18 11th + 12th Physics Handwritten NotesOrder Here
1911th + 12th Chemistry Handwritten NotesOrder Here
2011th + 12th Biology Handwritten NotesOrder Here
2111th + 12th Maths Handwritten NotesOrder Here
2211th PCB+ 12TH PCB Handwritten NotesOrder Here
2311th PCM + 12th PCM Handwritten Notes Order Here
2411th PCMB + 12th PCMB Handwritten NotesOrder Here